To Begin, Begin.

So I created this blog as a journal to track my mental health and with the hope that others will be able to relate to it. The title of this article is more of a message to myself than a heading since I have been contemplating to start this blog for the past 3 months but couldn’t make up my mind to write an article. The purpose of this blog also is to be a fresh gush of water in my swampy, boring life- a rejuvenation of sorts.

Being an escapist with mental health isues have never been easy- because before you know, from tasks you would start trying to escape from life itself. Absolutely anything can trigger suicidal thoughts. The toughest is when you are out on the streets. It’s dificult to tell yourself not to jump out of that autorickshaw- it would hurt and not be worth the troubles, I tell myself. Although I thank myself everytime for not deciding to do ‘it’ every single time, it is a daily battle.

This blog, I hope, would also help to uplift my spirits through this conversation with myself and make me feel a little creative and less worthless than I feel I am.